Vienna Know-Your-Rights Event

Each summer, Christ Church Vienna hosts a soccer camp for children in the apartment complexes near the high school in which the Anglican church meets. This year, the youth pastor who oversees the camp, Rod Nuñez, wanted to engage and serve not just the youth but also their parents, many who are immigrants. Christ Church invited RILA to present on “Know Your Rights” to these parents the evening of July 19. 

The church mobilized volunteers to provide dinner and childcare, and RILA’s director of legal services, Jason Braun, J.D., explained the rights afforded to all people in the United States and advised attendees on how to interact with law enforcement and immigration officials.  Nine very engaged women attended the workshop, peppering Jason with questions throughout the presentation.  After the presentation, each of the women worked with Christ Church volunteers to complete a screening tool to identify any immigration benefits for which they might be eligible. Each woman then met with Jason and RILA’s Michelle Swearingen to discuss their situation and address their questions.  RILA was honored to take part in this outreach event!

Heather Hall