By: Heather Hall, Administrative Director

The Administrative Director oversees RILA’s internal operations, including finances, human resources, information technology, facility use, fundraising support, and communications.  This is a part-time position of 20 hours a week, some telecommuting as desired, and on-the-job training.

The Administrative Director position with RILA is a unique and robust role.  It is inward facing, entrepreneurial, and has the privilege of building out the business of the non-profit.  It carries a great deal of responsibility, but offers flexibility. In my stage of life, I find it really helpful to be able to work on a flexible schedule that works for me and my family. Now, as I prepare to leave RILA to move to France with my family this summer, I hope to find someone to take over this role who can be a blessing to the organization, and who will in turn be blessed by RILA as I have been.

When I first learned of the Administrative Director position with RILA, I had been a stay at home mother and wife for 7 years, living in various countries for my husband’s career.   Prior to that season, I had many years of experience in sales, project management, and sales management.  I have always had a conviction and passion to serve those in need, and had wanted to make a change from the private sector to a humanitarian organization.  As a result, I spent years volunteering in a variety of capacities in whichever country we were living.  I loved hearing people’s stories and being able to make a difference in people’s lives.  Over the years, I recognized that I am administratively gifted, and that the Lord was calling me to continue to serve in this way. 

When we moved to Falls Church, I remember specifically asking the Lord to show me who was in need, and who He would want me to help. After months of prayer, RILA’s advertisement made its way into my hands.  I knew the Lord once again gave me a gift.  He opened the door to a position that was specifically administrative, offered the necessary compensation, and focused on helping those who were in need, all in His name.  

While this role does not necessarily include regular interaction with clients; it is at the heart of supporting RILA’s team and work. The work of the Administrative Director provides the structure and foundation for the RILA team to advocate on behalf of RILA clients.

Personally, it has been fascinating to learn about asylum and immigration law through my work at RILA.  It may be a lengthy discussion with our passionate but diplomatic Legal Director on political topics that affect our clients’ lives.  Or, working with our Executive Director to ensure that compassion and care for RILA clients remain central to RILA’s communications on social media and in marketing materials. It is listening to our Program Director tell stories of trying to find ways to support our clients holistically while they are living in the United States with pending asylum cases, when they may not be eligible for certain social services such as food banks or domestic violence shelters. It is the after-hours conversations with our Interpreter and Case Worker, listening as she expresses her empathy and respect toward RILA clients, as her own story is not so different from theirs.

At the end of the day, when I pray for RILA, I pray for our clients: for those who are hurting, have been harmed by people and systems, for children who have been exploited in horrific ways in their home countries and remain vulnerable to abuse in the U.S., and for heart-broken mothers who have lost their children to violence. 

I am so thankful to have been a part of the RILA team, to join God in RILA’s work, and to have had the privilege of using my gifts. Serving as RILA’s Administrative Director has challenged me, given me the opportunity to grow as a person and a professional, and allowed me to participate in God’s ministry to love and care for foreigners in our land.

The Administrative Director is a position in RILA that supports and enables a beautiful, important, merciful mission in the name of Jesus.  Who wouldn’t want to join the RILA team? If interested, please contact me at  

Heather Hall