RILA Is Hiring

RILA is looking for a new Intake Coordinator. This role oversees intake procedures and processes, which include responding to phone calls and emails from new clients in a timely manner, facilitating phone screenings for all new clients, and reviewing screenings with the RILA legal team. The Intake Coordinator oversees other kinds of client communications, including facilitating client follow-up calls, scheduling client appointments, confirming RILA appointments and client court dates, drafting client communication letters, and providing referrals to clients. Additionally, the Intake Coordinator assists in various administrative tasks, including helping the RILA legal team in preparing and organizing client files and documents.

This is a 10-15 hour contract position. Spanish language proficiency is preferred. Interested candidates can send resumes to Melissa Chang,

"I started with RILA as a volunteer conducting phone screenings with clients back in the summer of 2016. We started as a small team of volunteers, and in the three years I’ve been with RILA, I’ve watched us grow into an official non-profit organization with established programs and a staff of dedicated, talented people with whom I am so proud to know and work. The position of Intake Coordinator is unique in that it has allowed me to have my hand in many aspects of RILA’s work. Serving as RILA’s main point of contact for clients and reviewing preliminary screenings has allowed me to see and know almost every client’s name and story before they walk through our doors. This initial contact is an important part of the screening process as we determine which clients we are able to guide through the asylum process. Coordinating communication between clients and the legal team takes a village; I’ve had the pleasure to work with many volunteers who dedicate hours of their personal time to help with phone calls and translations. Managing these sometimes complex requirements has been a new professional experience for me, but without the generous time commitments of our volunteers, RILA would be unable to effectively communicate with our clients. I’ve been able to learn a lot about the complexities of the asylum process through various administrative legal tasks. This job comes with many challenges and rewards, but it has been an incredible learning experience for me. The opportunity to work with an amazing team, serve our immigrant neighbors, and see the fruit of our work directly impacting their lives has been life-changing for me. It’s a bittersweet transition as I hand over my position to a new candidate, but I am so grateful for this experience and look forward to seeing how RILA grows in the coming years!"

- Carrie Knooihuizen, RILA Intake Coordinator

Mel Chang